CZECH REPUBLIC | Youth Ministry

Job Title: Youth Ministry

Length of Service: 1 month to 2+ years

Ministry Vision / Purpose: Our vision is to see communities of people where faith in Christ and normal rhythms of life intersect, where people's lives are changed and society is transformed through disciples who follow Christ and who want to make disciples who follow Christ, resulting in a movement of church planting.  Majak is our non-profit organization and partners with two Wesleyan churches and other Christian churches / organizations in Brno. We provide English classes for all ages, English Conversation Clubs, summer and winter English camps, and annual community outreach events that give us a great platform to scatter Gospel seeds broadly.

General job description: Work through Majak with youth ministry by participating, supporting, helping and leading. Attend classes to learn, study and practice the Czech language. Engage with not-yet believing people to share your story, share the Gospel, offer prayer. Participate in seed-scattering events and activities. Participate in summer and winter camps teaching English, helping out wherever needed with youth, young adults, and alongside existing ministries. 

  • A growing relationship with Christ
  • An ability to build deep friendships
  • A commitment to language learning
  • An ability to work with an existing team
  • Learning to use your gifts, talents, hobbies, and experience to engage and consistently develop Gospel-centered intentional relationships
Field Background: Of the 10.7 million people in Czech, about 72% do not identify with a religious group, including 46% who describe their religion as "nothing in particular" and an additional 25% who say "atheist" describes their religious identity. Recent surveys indicate that a large majority of Czechs say they do not believe in God, the majority of Czech adults were raised without a religious affiliation, and the country will likely remain largely unaffiliated for the foreseeable future. With so many religiously unaffiliated adults, the Czech public tends to hold less-conservative social view and to participate in fewer religious activities. For example, they are most likely to say they never attend religious services or pray.