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Areas of Interest:
Discipleship, TESOL (teaching English) & English conversation clubs, youth activities, intentional relationships, ministries through church plants, and Discovery Bible study groups.

Next Available Dates: 
September - Dec. 2023
February - April 2024
September - Dec. 2024

Length: 3 Months

General Description: 
The Czech Republic site longs to see multiple gatherings of disciples making disciples. The team does that by building trusting relationships through local platforms; teaching English to kids and adults, English Conversation Clubs, summer and winter camps, youth activities, ministries through church plants, and Discovery Bible Study groups. 

Cost: $1,650 (USD) per month + airfare
We offer extensive resources for fundraising, a scholarship, and 1-on-1 coaching for all NEXT interns.

What will I do during my internship?
Some examples of what interns do on this site include:
  • Develop local, intentional friendships over coffee or meals
  • Teach English classes at our ministry center (2 lessons per week)
  • Visited a local school and taught middle schoolers conversational English (once or twice)
  • Participate in Conversation Club every Tuesday
  • Help with Friday youth group  (games, discussion groups, etc.)
  • Share your testimony with youth group
  • Participate in Bible studies
  • Czech language class
  • Served at international church

Note from Site Leader:
“Hi there! We welcome you to the Czech Republic!  I first joined the Czech team in 2003 and am now excited to lead NEXT interns through their life-impacting experience here.  I’m an adventurous, caring, passionate leader that seeks to develop and teach those around me and I am thrilled for the opportunities the NEXT program provides for personal, spiritual, and cultural growth in young people.  In the past, hundreds have visited Czech as their first cross-cultural ministry experience, will you be NEXT?” 

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