EASTERN EUROPE | Disciple Maker

Job Title:  Disciple Maker

Length of Service: Mid to Long Term

Ministry Vision / Purpose: In Eastern Europe, we know people experience broken relationships. We are committed to sharing the gospel message of the Kingdom of God with every person in our region so they can fully experience a meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

General Description:
 Our team longs to see lives and communities changed in Eastern Europe as people become hearing and obeying disciples of Jesus. But when people fill God’s role in their life with empty traditions, they don’t experience a meaningful relationship with God. They wander through life aimlessly and without purpose. They are deeply broken, hopeless, and discontent. The gospel message of the Kingdom of God is that every person can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. When someone hears the gospel of the Kingdom, it gives their life meaning and value. They wake up each morning full of joy, hope, and peace. When people experience a meaningful relationship with God through Christ, their whole life changes.

With over 25 years of combined cross-cultural experience, our team in Eastern Europe is equipped and trained in sustainable and reproducible disciple-making principles. We are looking for people to join our team who are:

  • Deliberate - consistently growing in their relationship with God, both in hearing and obeying his word.
  • Dedicated - committed to their work because other people's ability to experience a relationship with God depends on it.
  • Adaptable - are able to take ideas, experiences, and knowledge and apply them to different situations.

And people who are willing to:

  • Foster a relationship with God by prioritizing the time they spend with God.
  • Meet new people until they meet those who are interested in having a relationship with God.
  • Share the Gospel of the Kingdom in bold and creative ways.

  • Creativity and willingness to think outside the box
  • Initiative and follow-through
  • Willingness to engage in language and culture learning
  • A firm grasp of the whole Gospel message
  • The ability to mentor and disciple others
  • Passion for developing intentional relationships
  • Additionally, one or more of the following skills: business; entrepreneurship; office management; accounting; project management; teaching; camp planning; working with youth; working with youth living with disabilities; technical skills; communication skills.

Field background:  

Field background:  Eastern Europe has a deep, tumultuous religious history.  For many years, Communism minimized the importance of religious affiliation, but nationalistic differences always remained in tension just below the surface.  Since the regional war in the ‘90s, many people have return to religious practice along political-nationalistic lines…Islam, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy. For most, this allegiance to religion is not reflective of a personal faith or relationship with God.  It is often more of a statement of political loyalty and an empty set of traditions and customs.  There is also a strong resistance to change and persecution against those who want or pursue change.

There is a small number of evangelical, Christ-following fellowships in Eastern Europe, but the country as a whole is still largely unreached with the Gospel message.  With a population of over 3 million people, only between 300-500 are disciples of Christ.