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Areas of Interest:
 Refugee Ministry, Cross-Cultural Relationship Building, Church Planting, Conversations over Coffee, TESOL (teaching English)

Length of Service:  2 months

Next Available Dates:  June - July 2024

Cost:  $1650.00 (USD) per month + airfare
We offer extensive resources for fundraising, a scholarship, and 1-on-1 coaching for all NEXT interns.

General Description:  Join the Fotizo team serving in a historic city where East meets West. We are focused on engaging our community and building redemptive relationships in such a way that the Muslim people would be enlightened with God’s truth. We also, at times, offer opportunities to work with refugees and impoverished families needing to be touched by the hands and feet of Jesus. We invite you to journey with us as we seek to reach the unreached in dark places while also facilitating a church planting movement resulting in the multiplication of Spirit-led disciple making groups.

What will I do during my internship?
Some examples of what interns do on this site include:
  • Work closely with the local ministry team
  • Serve with refugees once a week
  • Evangelism
  • Study the local language
  • Pair up with a local for language exchange (TESOL)

Letter from the Site Leader:
"Hello from Fotizo! Myself alongside my husband and two children have been serving in Fotizo for 10 years. In the busy and vibrant city we live in, there are many young people, making it a natural site for NEXT.  As a team, we strive to intentionally engage with people with the focus of introducing them to Jesus. Most people here have never heard the gospel. Interns can explore what living, serving, and sharing your faith in a different culture looks like. I would love to have you come experience how God is moving in this city. He certainly has captured my heart for the Fotizo people, and I look forward to seeing what he does in your heart."

Field Background:  80 million people, 99% Muslim (secular and conservative)