FOTIZO PEOPLE | Church Planters

Job Title:  Church planters

Length of Service:  1 month to 2+ years

Ministry Vision / Purpose:  Our vision is to see that all people in Fotizo have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel and participate in the fellowship of believers. Our mission is to facilitate a church-planting movement in Fotizo resulting from the multiplication of indigenous spirit-led disciple-making groups. We do this through prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership coaching.

General Description:
  Short-term and long-term opportunities to work with our Fotizo team in evangelism, discipleship and church planting through language and culture acquisition, community engagement and relationship.

  • Learning posture (be teachable)
  • Desire to grow and be stretched both personally and spiritually
  • Be passionate about sharing Jesus with unreached people
Field Background:  80 million people, 99% Muslim (secular and conservative)