NORTH LAND | Orthotist, Rehabilitation Doctor, Nurse

Job Title:  Orthotist, Rehabilitation Doctor, Nurse

Length of Service:  2 or more years

Ministry Vision / Purpose: Medical care for cerebral palsy patients in the north.

General Description: 
1) Train "North Land" doctors in screening and treatment of kids with cerebral palsy. 2) Treat cerebral palsy children. 3) Fit orthotics for cerebral palsy children.

  • No USA passport
  • Rehabilitation Doctor credentials.
  • Licensed orthotist.
  • RN experienced with cerebral palsy screening and/ or treatment
  • Willingness to acquire the local language and learn to live in, work in and understand the local culture.
Field Background:  "North Land" is a sensitive area. No open sharing allowed.

People Group(s):