EAST ASIA | Music Therapist

Job Title:  Music Therapist

Length of Stay:  1 month to 2+ years

Ministry Vision / Purpose:  Children with disabilities will live to their fullest potential. By connecting children living with disability to excellent and individualized therapy, rehabilitative, and educational services, we aim to maximize their ability, thereby empowering them to participate in the community to the greatest extent possible.

General Description:  Therapists will work closely with local therapists and therapy assistants on our team in assessing and treating children with disabilities in an out-patient clinical setting. A heavy emphasis is placed on integrated multi-disciplinary team structure, parent involvement in the child's treatment plan, and education for the whole family. When applicable, visiting therapists may participate in teaching and training local therapists in the region through workshops as well as in clinical encounters.
  Long-term assignments require a Bachelor's Degree in the related field (according to US standards) with up-to-date certifications; may serve in teaching / clinical staff capacity. For short-term assignments, those with partial training may serve in therapy assistant capacity. Ongoing maintenance of US certifications is highly recommended. 

Field Background:  Very populous country in East Asis where only 5% are reached.