JAPAN | Manga Project Collaborator

Job Title:  Manga Project Collaborator (Artist, Writer, Designer)

Length of Service:  3 months to 2+ years

Ministry Vision | Purpose:  

Manga (Japanese comics) are a large, influential and unique part of pop culture in Japan. They're so popular that in one week more comics are purchased in Japan than are purchased in an entire year in the US. Japan is also one of the most digitally connected countries in the world, with over 90% of people online, and about 99% of university students owning smart phones.  

Meanwhile, the Japanese are one of the most unreached people groups in the world.  

In response to this need and opportunity, Drawbridge Creations is creating manga to build spiritual bridges in Japan. We are a web-based manga outreach with the three-fold purpose of reaching the unchurched, resourcing the Church, and empowering Christian artists, in order to bridge the gap between Church and culture; between Jesus and Japan. 

General Description:  Collaborating with other Christian creatives in writing, art and design, to produce manga, blog posts, and other artistic content for digital and print-based ministry, as well as for the marketing and promotion of Drawbridge Creations.  

  • One or more of the following creative skills: writing, illustration, or graphic design skills.  

  • Assets: Working knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Wordpress, etc. 

  • Willingness to engage in language and culture learning.  

  • Willingness to engage with the local Church as time, opportunity and skills allow. 

  • Ability to work independently or with a team.   

Field BackgroundJapan has around 125.8 million people, and is a shrinking and aging population. The Japanese among the largest unreached people groups in the world, at 99% non-Christian. In Japan, GP missionaries partner with the Japanese Church to build spiritual bridges through education, hospitality and the creative arts.