CAMBODIA | NEXT Internship

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NEXT is a mentored, cross-cultural immersion trip. You will be living and working with long-term Site Leaders during your internship, learning a new culture, and discovering your calling in God's kingdom. 

Areas of Interest:
 Community Outreach, Youth and Sports Ministry, English Education, Media Design, Theological Education, Community Health Evangelism, Village Ministry and Outreach.

Next Available Dates: June - July 2024

Length: 2 Months

General Description:
Our vision is to see the light of Jesus impact Cambodia, a 97% Buddhist country. This vision is realized through discipleship multiplication, English education, sports ministry, community health evangelism, and pastoral development through our online Bible curriculum. We work with local churches and pastors who are committed to expanding the Kingdom of God in Cambodia and beyond! 

Cost: $1,650 (USD) per month + airfare
We offer extensive resources for fundraising, a scholarship, and 1-on-1 coaching for all NEXT interns.