WAHA | Community Engagement

Job Title:  Resident of Community Engagement

Length of Service: 
 1 month to 2+ years

Ministry vision / purpose:  We seek to provide opportunities to bless the Waha community as well as share the love of Jesus with our Muslim neighbors and friends. It is also our mission to train and equip Christians to love and affect the Muslim community around them, whether here in North America or around the world.

General Description: 
All teammates will seek to establish and nurture Gospel-centered relationships with Muslims living in and around the "Waha" field. Teammates will be trained in building and maintaining these Gospel-centered relationships that press toward visible expressions of the Gospel. We don't seek to just build friendships; and we know the languages of trust and relationship are key components to people receiving the Gospel.

Teammates are expected to bless the immigrant community in tangible ways, such as teaching English as a second language, mentoring and tutoring children with schoolwork, citizenship classes, music lessons, coaching, or any other skill or gift that can bless our Muslim community. 

All teammates are expected to learn basic Arabic as not only a platform for living in this community but, also, as a bridge relationally to our recent immigrant and refugee friends.

  • A willingness to learn basic Arabic, either through organized classes or one-on-one tutoring. 
  • A willingness to build and maintain relationships with people of other faiths and different backgrounds.

Field Background:  Waha is home to the largest concentration of Arabs in the U.S. outside the Middle East. Over 50% of the population are of Arab descent, mainly from Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. Just about every Arab is Muslim, with some Arab Christians and Chaldeans, and a few Muslim background believers.