NICARAGUA | Medical & Dental Outreach Coordinator

Job Title: Medical & Dental Outreach Coordinator

Length of Service:  2 or more years

Ministry Vision / Purpose:  To coach, model and partner with new leaders within our Nicaraguan churches and schools to serve and expand the ministries of the Wesleyan Church in Central America.

General Description: A medical missionary to facilitate, recruit, and host medical or dental teams to work alongside a national medical ministry, EspiMed. Teach and assist with health related education in primary schools. 

  • Be team focused,
  • Be a flexible servant leader,
  • Willingness to learn Spanish,
  • Be adventurous,
  • Be interested in learning about other cultures.

A variety of schooling options are available for applicants with school-aged children.

Field Background:  Nicaragua is a country of 6 million people located in the Central American isthmus. The majority of the country are Spanish speaking. It is the poorest Spanish speaking country in the world and the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. The majority of the population is either Catholic or come from a Catholic background. It is primarily an agricultural country, and many of our Wesleyan churches are in rural communities.

The National Church (16 churches, 2 primary schools and one preschool) is led by a national board and Nicaraguan pastors. Their focus is evangelism and discipleship, which they are accomplishing through an established Nicaraguan led Bible Institute.