HAITI | Farm Manager

Job Title:  Farm Manager

Length of Service:  2 or more years

Ministry Vision / Purpose: Partnering to see individuals and communities MADE NEW!

General Description:
  The Farm Manager would work with the National Church with the goal of helping Haitian farmers support families, churches and communities through improved agriculture and education. Responsibilities would include teaching about Christianity, health, and protecting the environment; trying new crops, medicinal plants, forages, trees for fuel or lumber; developing the Delice property to be a teaching and income-generating farm.

  • Willingness to acquire the Haitian Creole language
  • Willingness to learn to live in, work in, and understand the Haitian culture
  • Requirements specific to the agricultural / farm management side of the position can be obtained upon request

Field Background:  Haiti is a country of over 9 million people and is widely considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country has been evangelized over the past 100 years and most of the evangelism taking place now is done through the established Haitian churches. Even with the presence of evangelical churches there is still a large percent of the people who practice voodoo. 

The Haiti Wesleyan Mission is transitioning into more of a supporting role with the Haitian Wesleyan Church. We are working hard to invest in, encourage, and train Haitian leaders who will rise up to lead their country forward in Kingdom work. The mission's ministries include: an agricultural development station (Delice), a ministry center for mission teams and the National Church (Ortlip Ministry Center), the La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital, the Haiti School of Nursing, and the La Gonave Station that hosts mission teams and provides support to the School of Nursing and the hospital. Global Partners missionaries also work with West Indies Self Help (WISH) to maintain the only water supply to the entire town of 50,000, to operate a new desalinization plant in town, too assist with small business development and more.