EASTERN EUROPE | Non-Profit Manager

Job title:  Non-profit manager

Length of Service:  More than 1 year

Ministry Vision / Purpose:  We are bold and creative to share the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are able to take ideas, experiences, and knowledge and apply them to different situations. We meet new people until we find those who are interested in having a relationship with God. We are committed to our work because other people's ability to experience a relationship with God depends on it.

General Description:
  Long-term need (more than 1 yr) for non-profit management, finances, project management, grant-writing, and discipleship. 

  • One or a combination of the following skills sets:  Non-profit management; finance; project management; grant writing; teaching special needs children; Bible teaching; evangelism; discipleship; agricultural knowledge
  • Ability to excel in language and culture learning
  • Ability to see needs and match resources to meet the needs
  • Ability to learn and try new things
  • Firm grasp of the whole Gospel message
  • Ability to disciple others

Field background:  This field has a deep, tumultuous religious history. In recent years there has been a return to religious practice along political-nationalistic lines ... to Islam, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy. For most, this allegiance to religion is not reflective of a personal faith or belief in God, but is more of a statement of political loyalty. There is strong resistance to change and persecution against those who want or pursue change.

Unfortunately, it is rare for someone here to have ever seen what it looks like for someone like them to live for Jesus. Recently, larger cities have been seeing faith progress through home discipleship groups, primarily among background Muslim believers.