EASTERN EUROPE | English Teacher

Job title:  English Teacher

Length of Service:  Short-to-Mid Term

Ministry Vision / Purpose: Our non-profit organization in Eastern Europe exists to provide educational resources for every community in our region because everyone should have access to quality learning opportunities!

General Description:
  Significant gaps exist in the local educational system. Schools are under-resourced, teachers lack adequate supplies, and students aren’t equipped to thrive in the classroom. Communities are experiencing “brain drain” as well-educated people move out of the country, and those who are left feel stuck and hopeless. We make education available to everyone so they can take charge of their future and accomplish their goals. Teachers, students, and community members are equipped to not just survive but to thrive. When education resources are available to everyone, more people will be prepared to initiate change in their community and transform their country in Eastern Europe.

We are looking for a certified teacher, ESL teacher, or someone with teaching skills who can bolster our English program. Responsibilities include training and supporting our teaching staff, writing curriculum, launching a certified English course, facilitating English conversation clubs, planning English camps, and English language testing (level placement). In addition to working as an English teacher, this person would also be an active disciple maker in the community.

  • Fluent English speaker
  • ESL certified
  • Fundamental understanding of English grammar
  • Creativity and willingness to think outside the box
  • Initiative and follow-through
  • Self-motivation
  • Willingness to engage in language and culture learning
  • The ability to mentor and disciple others
  • Passion for developing intentional relationships
  • Additionally, one or more of the following skills sets: Teaching degree; experience writing curriculum for classes and / or camp lessons; tutoring; teaching experience.

Field background:  Our team is committed to impacting communities and transforming lives through education and spiritual opportunities. With over 25 years of combined cross-cultural experience, our team in Eastern Europe is equipped and trained in sustainable and reproducible disciple-making principles. We’re not just a non-profit committed to meeting tangible needs, but we’re also a team of disciple-makers committed to sharing the Gospel message with every person in our region so they can experience a meaningful relationship with God through Jesus.

There is a small number of evangelical, Christ-following fellowships in Eastern Europe, but the country as a whole is still largely unreached with the Gospel message. With a population of over 3 million

people, only between 300-500 are disciples of Christ. We are committed to sharing the gospel message of the kingdom of God with every person in our region because when people experience a meaningful relationship with God through Jesus, their whole life changes!