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Areas of Interest:
 Cross-Cultural Relationship Building, Church Planting, Community Development, Conversations over Coffee, TESOL.

Dates: June - July 2022

Length: 2 Months

General Description:
The Dearborn Project of Global Partners works in conjunction with the Great Lakes Region of The Wesleyan Church and Mosaic Midtown Church. Interns will build cross-cultural relationships, learn about discipleship, and partner in inspiring a disciple-making movement of local followers of Jesus who are meeting together regularly and sharing the love and hope of Christ with their communities.

Cost: $1,650 (USD) per month + airfare
We offer extensive resources for fundraising, a scholarship, and 1-on-1 coaching for all NEXT interns.

What will I do during my internship?
* Dearborn is a highly relational site. As an intern, you will spend a lot of time 
making yourself known as a Christ-follower in the community so you are a safe space for others to come to and discover the truth of scripture.  
Some examples of what interns do on this site include:
  • Visit local people at their home to build Gospel-centered relationships
  • Community development activities include: 
    • Citizenship 
    • GED – one-on-one studying with locals
  • ESL - Planning/Prepping/Teaching English as a second language  
  • Assisting in refugee resettlement as needed
  • Learning and practicing Arabic
  • Participating in a refugee kids tutoring program
  • Team Prayer and Bible study times
  • Mentoring times with long-term ministry leaders
  • Meeting with others who minister in the local community
  • Opportunities to attend a local/bilingual house church gathering

Note from Site Leader:
“Welcome to NEXT Dearborn! Many of you might be wondering, why should I care about Dearborn, Michigan? We believe that Dearborn provides a unique place to engage in Gospel-centered relationships with people from all over the world, right in our backyards! As a Dearborn Project team, we work to assist the immigrant and refugee community through authentic expressions of the love of Jesus Christ. As an intern, you will experience cross-cultural relationships as you partner in building a disciple-making movement in a safe and supportive environment. We love NEXT because we get to journey with you as you discover who God has called you to be in His mission for the world. We cannot wait to have you join our team!” 

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