CAMBODIA | Special Needs Educator

Job Title:  Special Needs Educator

Length of Service:  3+ Years

General Description: Be a part of the work in Cambodia by creating a special needs program at our Phnom Penh church. Special needs education is often overlooked in Cambodia, so there is a significant need to minister to families and parents who have children with special needs. The Missionary would help create their job description as they build relationships in the church and the special needs community. It may include the creation of a program for parents and families of children with special needs to meet and be encouraged, the organization of a special needs playgroup/classes that meet 3-5 times per week, the assistance with MKs with special needs, etc.

  • Experience in Special Education
  • Desire and Ability to learn language- enables people to engage in more ministry initiatives

Field background:  The team in Cambodia works alongside the National Church and the OC Program to raise up disciples and leaders throughout Cambodia.