BALKANS | Cross-Cultural Discipler

Job Title: Cross-Cultural Discipler

Length of Service: 1 year - 2+ years

Ministry Vision / Purpose: Creatively engage people in ways that lead to developing relationships for the purposes of sharing of the hope that we have and to bless the community.

General job description: Workers are expected to engage people in both formal (community engagement) and informal (personal engagement) ways to share with them through discovery conversations the hope of Christ. Formal engagements may take the form of youth programs/activities or other areas that serve the community, depending on the candidate’s giftings and abilities. Informal engagement is through hobbies and interests of both the candidate and the local people groups.

  • Being a disciple desiring to make other disciples 
  • Willingness to learn contextualized and sustainable ways of building His church
  • Initiative and follow-through
  • Willingness to engage in language and culture learning
  • Passion for developing intentional relationships

Field Background: The local context is nearly 100% secular Muslim and therefore large formal evangelical activities are not permitted. There are currently no believers in this region, and therefore it is a pioneer field requiring unique ways to engage the community and share. The purpose is to see a movement of disciples making disciples throughout this region of the Balkans. A major element of engagement is a partnership with the local Public Youth Center, serving youth from the ages 14 and up. This gives a very public venue to offer courses and activities in the areas of technology, English, the Arts, leadership, community development, etc. Although it is a completely Muslim context, the people have huge respect for workers from the West and extremely hospitable and caring. This area was traumatized by war that involved ethnic cleansing which effects people's outlook even today. Thus, there is a need for traumatic counseling also.