Teach courses at the Highland Bible College and help facilitate ministerial training platforms.
2+ year opportunity for non-profit director
Serve as Operations Team Leader (2+ years) assisting the Regional Director with the day-to-day management tasks.
Share the love of Jesus with our Muslim neighbors and friends, train and equip Christians to love and affect the Muslim community around them.
Opportunity (1-3 months) in Central Asia to assist in trouble-shooting missionaries' housing issues.
Farm Manager (2 or more years) to help Haitian farmers improve agriculture and education.
Young-adult group development and Bible study facilitator.
Art therapists are needed to with children with disabilities in an out-patient clinical setting.
Serve 2 or more years as Hospital Physician and Clinical Instructor at LaGonave Wesleyan Hospital.
Teachers are needed (3 months to 2+ years) in Central Asia to join our Nune Team to work in education / homeschooling.
Disciple others through youth ministry, music and worship, camp planning and organization, and evangelism.
Work with the team in Cambodia for 1-3 months, 3-6 months, 1 year, or 2 years in marketing initiatives.
Teachers are needed (minimum of 1 year) for children of our Karis Team missionaries. The Karis Team works with a Muslim people group in Central Asia.
Medical & Dental Outreach Coordinator (2 or more years) to racilitate, recruit and host medical or dental teams.
Participate, support, help, and lead in our youth ministry.
Short-term (1-3 month) opportunities for individuals to lay the groundwork for life change through the power of prayer.
Technology Specialist (1 year or more) to manage and teach the social media promoting partnership between the National Church and missionaries.
Celebrate Recovery Leader (2 or more years) to train leaders in establishing new Celebrate Recovery groups in Wesleyan churches in Nicaragua.
Short-term or long-term opportunity to prepare and teach English lessons and Bible studies in local churches.
Work with the team in Cambodia for 2+ years by assisting with pastoral development in theological education.
Young adults are needed for a minimum of 1 year to serve in Central Asia as Resident Assistants in boarding house for the children of missionaries.
Work closely with therapists and therapy assistants in assessing and treating children with disabilities in an out-patient clinical setting.
We have opportunities for 2+ years in Cambodia to help with accounting needs.
Work with our team (1 month to 2+ years) in evangelism, discipleship and church planting with a Muslim people group in Central Asia.
Assist with connecting to cafe patrons; basic administration; interfacing with local church contacts.
Opportunity in Eastern Europe (minimum of 1 year) for non-profit management, project management, grant writing, finances, and discipleship.
Engage with and share the gospel with Muslim background immigrants and refugees.
Short-term or long-term opportunity to work in the business of agriculture / greenhouses / fish farming.
English teacher and English speaker.
Work with the team in Cambodia for 3-6 months or 1 year to strengthen church ministry initiatives through sports, teaching English, and prayer...
Opportunities (1 month - 1 year) to work in Central Asia caring for children of our long-term missionaries.
Work with the team in Cambodia long term in community health evangelism initiatives.
Psychologist / Counselor is needed to work with our team supporting clients and their families.
Opportunity (2 years or more) to work with Wesleyan schools as Student Sponsorship Coordinator.
Agricultural specialist is needed (2+ years) to work with and train leaders in developing projects and host teaching events.
Opportunity (1 or more years) to help develop, train and equip national leaders and develop sports ministry in churches and schools.
Work with the team in Cambodia long term in special needs education initiatives.
Short-term or long-term opportunity to help facilitate our ministry initiatives through content creation, marketing, communication and/or...
Church planters (1 month to 2+ years) are needed in Central Asia to help our Karis Team share the gospel with a Muslim people group.
Associate Dean of Nursing (2 or more years) to assist with professional development of professors; monitor progress of students; teach as needed.