Opportunity (3 months to 1 year) to oversee accounting and training at our mission on La Gonave and Ortlip Ministry Center.
Opportunity (1 or more years) to help develop, train and equip national leaders and develop sports ministry in churches and schools.
Associate Dean of Nursing (2 or more years) to assist with professional development of professors; monitor progress of students; teach as needed.
Medical & Dental Outreach Coordinator (2 or more years) to facilitate, recruit and host medical or dental teams.
Technology Specialist (1 year or more) to manage and teach the social media promoting partnership between the National Church and missionaries.
Teachers (1 or more years) to work in partnership with students and national volunteers in Partnership Achieves Learning (PAL) after-school program.
Share the love of Jesus with our Muslim neighbors and friends, train and equip Christians to love and affect the Muslim community around them.
Celebrate Recovery Leader (2 or more years) to train leaders in establishing new Celebrate Recovery groups in Wesleyan churches in Nicaragua.
English teachers (2 or more years) at Nicaragua Christian Academy.
Opportunity (2 years or more) to work with Wesleyan schools as Student Sponsorship Coordinator.
Farm Manager (2 or more years) to help Haitian farmers improve agriculture and education.
Agricultural specialist is needed (2+ years) to work with and train leaders in developing projects and host teaching events.
We have multiple immediate openings for Professor of Nursing for varying lengths of time (from 1 month to 2+ years).
Serve 2 or more years as Hospital Physician and Clinical Instructor at LaGonave Wesleyan Hospital.
Children's ministry specialist (2 or more years) helping to develop, train and equip national leaders and plan events.